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Wildflower Way sidewalk vote results

The  Summer Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) on Thursday, May 31, 2012, voted 5-0 to support the construction of the sidewalks on Wildflower Way as proposed by the City of Fort Worth and depicted in the attachment.

Voted for the project are: Bo Cung, President; Theresa Weddell, VP-Landscaping; Jack Jordan, VP-Deed Restrictions; Jay White, Treasurer; and Steve Laidlaw, Secretary.

The HOA would like to thank all who took time to provide us your written and verbal comments on the project and will continue to work with the City to minimize impacts that might be caused by the proposed construction.

I will notify the City of the HOA vote but the final decision to go forward with the project rests with the City.

Bo Cung
Summer Creek Homeowners Association

Wildflower Way sidewalk construction vote

On May 17, 2012 the following email was sent out:

Please read the letter below from HOA President Bo Cung and also review the attachment.  It is important that all residents submit a reply: DO YOU WANT THE SIDEWALK OR DO YOU NOT WANT THE SIDEWALK?

QA Sidewalk on Wildflower Way (216.8 KiB)

A final list of responses is attached below.

Wildflower Way Sidewalk Vote (577.5 KiB)

Construction notice for Columbus Trail

The City will be repairing failed curbs and gutters on Columbus Trail from Mc Cart Avenue to Summer Creek Drive, and overlay Columbus Trail where the existing pavement is asphalt. Existing concrete pavement sections similar to what Summer Creek and Hulen Heights Subdivision have will not be affected. The work is expected to take several weeks and Columbus Trail will remain open to traffic.

Proposed wildflower way sidewalk update


The sidewalk issue is still not settled. Last Saturday, Georgia and I met with the City Engineer, Riad Nusrallah, and homeowners on the south side of Wildflower Way to discuss the sidewalk construction details. The homeowners had questions and wanted the City to answer them in writing. They also wanted to have another vote on the sidewalks and I agreed. So this is what we are doing:

1) I have asked the Wildflower Way folks to email me their questions by 5pm tomorrow.

2) I will gather all the questions and submit them to the City for responses

3) Once we receive the City’s responses, Georgia will email everyone the questions, the responses, and ask everyone to give us their comments on the sidewalks one more time. Residents will have at least one week to review the materials and submit their comments to us.

4) I will once again compile the comments, send them to you and ask HOA board members (Bo, Theresa, Jack, Jay, and Steve) to vote to approve or disapprove the sidewalks by email.

Wildflower way sidewalk construction approved

The Summer Creek HOA Board has voted on a resolution concerning the proposed sidewalk construction on the south side of Wildflower Way. The vote was 4-1 in support of the construction.

Bo Cung, Jack Jordan, Theresa Weddell, and Steve Laidlaw voted for the resolution. Jay White voted against the resolution.

Bo will work Councilman Jordan, city staff, and affected property owners to ensure the impacts to their properties are minimized. He will also ask City staff to meet with folks who live on the south side of Wildflower Way to discuss the proposed construction in details.


Public Comments concerning sidewalk construction

The public comments conerning the proposed sidewalk construction on wildflower way are posted below.

Public Comments concerning sidewalk construction (68.5 KiB)

Vote to be held concerning new sidewalk

Summer Creek HOA Board will vote on Monday, April 23, 2012, on the motion to “support/oppose the construction of a sidewalk on the south side of Wildflower Way from Summer Creek Drive to Ocean Drive.” No Board meeting will be held. The votes will be cast electronically via email.

If you have an opinion concerning this issue, please send an email stating your support or opposition to this project to Bo Cung, SCHA President at or before 3pm Monday, April 23, 2012.

Thank you.


New sidewalks on south side of Wildflower Way

Summer Creek Residents – A Word from the City of Fort Worth

“The City of Fort Worth is installing sidewalks on the south side of Wildflower Way from Summer Creek Drive to Ocean.  Construction is expected to begin immediately, and the sidewalk will be positioned at the curb face so the trees can be saved.

The City Parkway Inspector has requested the homeowner’s association trim the trees along Wildflower from Summer Creek to Rain Dance so branches do not impede pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks.” – Transportation and Public Works Dept Program Coordinator

The Association is asking all Summer Creek Residents living on the south side of Wildflower to help in the efforts to keep their own trees trimmed as well. Having this sidewalk will add a safety feature to this busy street for pedestrian traffic, especially the kids on their way to and from school. The work done is expected to take a couple of weeks so expect some extra traffic for the rest of April.

SCHA Board Members

Chisholm Trail Parkway Update

Motorists traveling along the Hulen Street bridge will get some relief towards the end of February as Chisholm Trail Parkway related construction has caused changes in traffic patterns. The NTTA and the City of Fort Worth have been working closely together to develop a solution to alleviate congestion along Hulen Street. As a result, Chisholm Trail Parkway crews will stage construction of a storm drain line in the area which will allow them to expedite the construction of an additional northbound lane of traffic near the intersection of Hulen Street and Vickery Boulevard. The new traffic pattern is expected to be in place by late February.

As work continues along the corridor, the NTTA continues to meet with businesses and residents near the project limits. The NTTA hosted the second Business Information Group (BIG) meeting for businesses along Interstate 30 and the downtown Fort Worth area on Jan. 23 at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. The I-30 group is the second one formed since construction on the project began. These groups were formed to keep business owners abreast of construction progress and anticipated construction schedule. The Hulen Street bridge business area BIG meets quarterly and is scheduled to meet in mid-March.

Upcoming Outreach Meetings

A Community Meeting also is planned for the southern Tarrant County portion of the corridor. Staff from the NTTA, Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Fort Worth will be on hand to discuss the project on Feb. 7, at the Fort Worth Academy, 7301 Dutch Branch Road. A meeting for business owners will be held at 2 p.m. and the meeting for the general public will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The entire project is expected to open to traffic in mid-2014. Once built, the toll road will extend 27.6 miles and will provide drivers traveling down I-35W from downtown Fort Worth to Cleburne an alternate route. For more information and to sign up to receive construction updates, please go to or email

Also, if your homeowners/neighborhood association, civic organization or any other group you with whom you are associated would like a presentation on the Chisholm Trail project, please let me know or send a note to

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Carrie Rogers
Director, Government Affairs
North Texas Tollway Authority