Wildflower Way sidewalk vote results

The  Summer Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) on Thursday, May 31, 2012, voted 5-0 to support the construction of the sidewalks on Wildflower Way as proposed by the City of Fort Worth and depicted in the attachment.

Voted for the project are: Bo Cung, President; Theresa Weddell, VP-Landscaping; Jack Jordan, VP-Deed Restrictions; Jay White, Treasurer; and Steve Laidlaw, Secretary.

The HOA would like to thank all who took time to provide us your written and verbal comments on the project and will continue to work with the City to minimize impacts that might be caused by the proposed construction.

I will notify the City of the HOA vote but the final decision to go forward with the project rests with the City.

Bo Cung
Summer Creek Homeowners Association

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