SCHA Survey Results 2016

Summer Creek Homeowners Association Survey Results 2016


In April the SCHOA board conducted a voluntary survey to understand how residents felt about the neighborhood and what the board could do to help Summer Creek remain a desirable place to live.  Almost 150 homeowners (out of 300 sent) responded to the survey, providing tremendous insight about the status and direction of Summer Creek.

What did we learn?

  • 98% of residents say that Summer Creek is a GREAT neighborhood to live in.
  • Residents generally feel safe walking in our neighborhood.
  • Most residents said that we spend the right amount of money on landscaping and social activities.
  • Most residents said we have the right number of activities; Halloween continues to be their favorite social activity.  There is also interest in activities for the whole family.
  • Most residents were aware that we do have Deed Restrictions and Architectural Guidelines; some knew that these can be found on our website –
  • Many respondents suggested that we need more enforcement of the current SCHOA rules.

What are we doing as a result of the survey?

  • We are focusing on maintaining and improving the landscape in common areas where it makes sense, but are not planning any changes that would require an HOA dues increase to fund.
  • We are maintaining the social event calendar that we have had for several years, and will try to add one or two ‘kid friendly’ events.
  • We are informing residents, via letter, when their home or property is not in compliance with our HOA restrictions and architectural guidelines.  This includes fences that need repairs, landscapes that are overgrown or not maintained, etc.  We are continuing this effort.
  • We restarted the Yard of the Month award to recognize those who have worked hard on the appearance of their home and landscape.
SCHOA Survey Results 2016
SCHOA Survey Results 2016
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