Prune Your Trees and Maintain Your Landscaping Plants

Recently SCHOA has begun pruning trees along our common areas to ensure we have healthy and attractive trees.  Everyone should be aware that the City of Fort Worth requires trees to be pruned to a height of 14 feet above the pavement and they cannot block signage like stop signs.  The SCHOA encourages each homeowner to be aware of their trees, hedges and other plants and to follow the requirements in the SCHOA Architectural Guideline (available on to keep their property maintained.  In doing so, you ensure our neighborhood appearance remains nice and just as important you increase your security by making your home more visible and reducing cover for criminals to hide behind.  One of the top comments in the recent SC survey was about people maintaining the look of their home exterior.  The SCHOA is currently issuing letters to those homes that are not in compliance with the guidelines, requesting the owner to take action.  There are many good websites on proper tree pruning and several companies that are available if you desire professional help.

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