Summer Creek is a single-family home community located in southwest Fort Worth, Texas. Development started in 1987 by Murray Development Company who contracted with Perry Homes, one of the largest and most respected home builders in Texas, to be the builder. During the completion of Phase I, Murray Development dissolved in bankruptcy, at which point Perry Homes took over all remaining sale and development operations. Perry Homes completed all three phases by the mid-1990s.

No. Summer Creek is a stand-alone neighborhood not affiliated with other similarly named neighborhoods in our area. The following street names are located in Summer Creek and are under the governance of Summer Creek Homeowners Association:

Daystar, Dewdrop, Dusty, Golden, Gulfwind, Leafy, Misty, Morning, Rain Dance, Starry, Summer, Sun Meadows, Sundale, Sunscape, and Wildflower.

We have a total of 320 homes. There are three Phases in Summer Creek, each with just over 100 homes in them.

Yes, there is an Association. Membership in Summer Creek Homeowners Association is mandatory for all residents.

The Association consists of a board of directors and several committee chairs. Board members are elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting and serve two-year terms. Committee chairs serve on a volunteer basis and handle a variety of tasks in the neighborhood.

The annual association dues are $165 per year. These dues cover the operating costs of the association, costs of maintaining the common areas, and expenses for various social events during the year. As per our corporate by-laws, a copy of the association’s annual operating budget is available to any member at any time simply by contacting the Treasurer.

Please submit the ACC Form to [email protected]. The HOA Board will review your proposal and notify you when you are cleared to begin your project.

The association has a general homeowner’s meeting annually at a conference facility in the local area. Officers are elected and presentations are made regarding the year’s events and milestones. The Board of Directors meets during the year on an “as needed” basis.

The difference is night and day. Mandatory associations, such as ours, are governed by rules called “covenants” which all homeowners sign and agree to abide by at the time of their closings. Rules are clearly spelled out and the association can levy fines and penalties to members who do not abide by the rules. Non-mandatory associations, known as “Neighborhood Associations”, are strictly voluntary. Rules are non-binding and there is generally no recourse to resolve issues. A quick drive through any of these neighborhoods will underscore the effectiveness of mandatory associations.

Yes, a neighborhood handbook filled with names of officers, general neighborhood information, and a roster is published annually and distributed to all association members whose dues are paid current. If you just moved in and need a directory please contact our President or Treasurer to request a copy.

Summer Creek is zoned “A-5”. Only single-family residences on 5000 square-foot minimum lots are permitted.

A phone call or email to any officer or committee chair will set things in motion. Or just show up at any of our neighborhood socials and speak to one of the officers or the chair of that event. The association needs to fill board positions almost every year, and we have about a dozen activities scattered throughout the year, so there’s always something for folks to do!

Summer Creek is in District 6. Our representative is Council Member Dr. Jared Williams.

Summer Creek is in the Crowley Independent School District. We are served by Dallas Park Elementary, Summer Creek Middle School, and North Crowley High School.  There are also numerous private schools that serve the community. For more information regarding our local public school district, visit crowleyisdtx.org

The Board of Directors is here to serve the association and assist homeowners. Any board member can be contacted at any time for assistance with association-related issues. Full contact information is located on the first page of the Homeowner’s Handbook and in various locations on this website. Summer Creek Homeowner’s Assocication’s mailing address is P.O. Box 33190, Fort Worth, Texas 76162.